1 JUNE 2023

The project aimed to provide support and engage in meaningful activities with the children at the orphanage, fostering a sense of community, cultural exchange, and personal growth.

The project's primary objectives were as follows:
a) To offer assistance and support to the children at Rumah Harapan.
b) To engage in activities that promote cultural exchange and personal development.
c) To foster a sense of empathy, volunteerism, and social responsibility among UiTM students.

During their visit to Rumah Harapan, the UiTM students implemented several activities. These activities aimed to provide educational, social, and emotional support to the children. The students actively engaged with the children, facilitating interactive sharing sessions on the importance of personal savings, organizing team-building games, and encouraging creative expression through art and crafts activities.

We also had the honour to hand over a donation of RM2,500 to the orphanage on behalf of the faculty.

The International Volunteerism Project yielded several positive outcomes:
a) Emotional and Social Development: The activities conducted by the UiTM students helped improve the emotional well-being and social skills of the children. They developed new friendships, gained self-confidence, and experienced a sense of belonging.
b) Educational Support: The educational sessions on personal savings provided valuable learning opportunities for the children, enhancing their knowledge, creativity, and critical thinking abilities.
c) Cultural Awareness: Both the UiTM students and the children at Rumah Harapan gained a deeper understanding and appreciation of different cultures, fostering cultural diversity and acceptance.


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